[Autodesk]How to install Inventor Pro 2020

Hi all, today I will show how to download, install and active the Inventor Professional 2020. Ok let’s go.

1. System requirement:

2. Download the software
Link download: Inventor Pro 2020

3. Extract and install as all of Autodesk’s software.

I recomend you should chose partition D, so you can save quota of partition C, and can archive source.

Choose Country and click Next

Choose Inventor Professional

Choose Contens Libraries and click Next

The installation process may take several minutes, depending on the computer configuration.

4. Activation

When the installation finished, start Inventor Pro and choose active method

So we have 3 options:

  1. Single User: this is a standalone license, a single version for each user, everyone just need to click on the sign in account that has the completed license.
  2. Multi user: this is the license network type, people click and then enter the server’s IP or server name.
  3. Enter a serial number: this is Autodesk’s ever-active form, people enter the serial number and the product key is complete. For license student form, you must use this method.
    Read more articles: Overview of the Autodesk license types for more details

Good luck my friend, if you need more information, please leave the comment in below. I am Aji’s dad, see you later.

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