[Autodesk]How to install AutoCAD 2020

Hi all, today Aji’s dad will show How to install AutoCAD 2020, ok let’s go.

Step 1: Download phần mềm
Link download: AutoCAD 2020

Step 2: Extract the software after download finished, you should the partition D, you can save the capacity of partition C, and you can store the source in an archive.

Step 3: Click Install

Chose the country , tick into accept and click Next

Click Intall,

The installation will take some minutes.

When the installation finished, we will active the software.

So now we have 3 options:

  • Single User: this is a standalone license, a single version for each user, everyone just need to click on the sign in account that has the completed license.
  • Multi user: this is the license network type, people click and then enter the server’s IP or server name.
  • Enter a serial number: this is Autodesk’s ever-active form, people enter the serial number and the product key is complete. For license student form, you must use this method.

Read more articles: An overview of the Autodesk license types for more details.
Good luck for you, if you need more information, please do not hesitate to leave the comment, I am Aji’s dad, goodbye and see you again.

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